The purpose of this life is to live it fully, with open heart and enjoy every moment of it

I love working with people. Since I was a child my friends used to come and talk to me about their problems, challenges, asking for advice or just in need of being heard.

For more than 8 years I've been working with people individually and in groups, using Gestalt psychotherapy, trauma and body therapy, conscious dance and Reiki. Below you will find my CURRICULUM VITAE.

Psychotherapy and conscious dance practices have helped me free myself from past traumas, old patterns and helped me rediscover my inner strength and magic that was hidden inside me for so many years...


2021 11          Somatic Experiencing® (body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma)                                                                                       practitioner training. Module II with Doris Rothbauer. 36 hours

2021 04          Somatic Experiencing® (body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma)                   
practitioner training. Module I with Kavi Alessandro Gemin. 36 hours

2021 03            The wisdom of trauma with Dr. Gabor Maté. 12 hours

2020 09            Working with psychopathology from Gestalt perspective with Gianni Francesetti. 17 hours

2020 04            Trauma first aid with Peter Levine. 8 hours

2013-19          EAGT certified Gestalt psychotherapist (Vilnius Gestalt Institute), Lithuania. www.vgi.lt. 1676 hours

2019 09            Anxiety of women, gestalt psychotherapy. Lise Winther-Jensen. 20 hours

2019 08           Bioenergetic analysis with Olaf Trapp. 20 hours

2019 05           Sex and sexuality in psychotherapy with Lynda Osborne. 20 hours

2018-19          Group therapy in Gestalt psychotherapy (Vilnius Gestalt Institute).
                         Led by Anna Matuliak (Minsk), gestalt therapist (EAGT) and Serik Ospanov (Minsk). 120 hours

2019 02            Gestalt therapy with children and adolescents, Anastasija Šapel. 20 hours

2018 10            Assistant: LIBIDO fundamentals, Open Floor, Willemijn de Dreu, The Netherlands.
                         www.openfloor.org. 20 hours

2018 04           Certified as 5Rhythms® Spaceholder, conscious dance and movement practice.
                         United States, www.5rhythms.com. 200 hours

2018 01           Body processes in Gestalt psychotherapy, Giovanni Turra. 20 hours

2017 12            LIBIDO fundamentals, Open Floor, Willemijn de Dreu, Italy. www.openfloor.org. 20 hours

2017 10            Psychotherapy and infertility. Anna Matuliak (Minsk). 20 hours

2015-17            Somatic voice and Movement Medicine, Yasia Leiserach, Italy. 60 hours

2016-17           Bodynamic, Somatic Developmental Psychology, and Gestalt psychoterapy, VGI. 50 hours

2014                 Reiki healing, II level

2013-16           Certified Gestalt psychotherapy practitioner (Vilnius Gestalt University). 189 hours

2013 06           Discipline of Authentic Movement (DAM), Cornelia Schmitz, Germany, 20 hours

2012                 Reiki healing, I level

2003-2017        Bachelor of communication, Vilnius University