Conscious dance

Dance of Soul / Sielos šokis
Dance of Soul / Sielos šokis
Dance of Soul / Sielos šokis
Dance of Soul / Sielos šokis

Group dance evenings

5Rhythms® Sweat dance group sessions (5Ritmai) in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Siena (Italy). I am a certified 5Rhythms® Sweat spaceholder.
For more information check Facebook page SIELOS ŠOKIS5RITMI SIENA or
5Ritmai, 5 Ritmai, Penki Ritmai

Olfactorial dance / Danza olfattiva
Dance / free movement group sessions combined with aromatherapy (100% natural essential oils) in Italy. For more information please contact

Birthdays and other gatherings 

You can invite me to your gathering if you want to have a great time with your friends/family dancing together.

Individual body therapy
Individual sessions

using movement, voice, art, smell, gestalt and body therapy 
If you want to live a happier life, you need to start getting to know and loving your body. We will begin with simple grounding exercises, connecting with your breath, your inner raw sounds, moving different body parts and witnessing your emotions.

5 Ritmų seminarai
Movement Medicine seminarai
5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine​, Open Floor and Soul Motion

I am an organizer/producer of conscious dance workshops in Lithuania. For the upcoming events please check the Facebook page SIELOS ŠOKIS or contact me at