Individual psychotherapy sessions

I can help if you...
  • feel stuck, unhappy, depressed

  • are single for a long time and have difficulties getting into a relationship

  • are not happy with your current relationship/situation

  • don't like your job or can't find one

  • have chronic pains and the traditional medicine is not helping

  • don't get on well with the people around you

  • have been trying to get pregnant for a long time

  • don't like your body, want to lose weight or live more healthy
    or just need someone to talk to...

I work with a wide range of people (children, families, teenagers, women, men). I speak fluent Lithuanian, English, Russian and Italian. I am very open-minded, simple, flexible, I believe in miracles and that we can have anything we want in this life. We just need to ask the Universe for it!


We can meet in my studio in Tuscany / Vilnius or on skype

Contact me and we will find the best solution for both of us.

Gestalt psychotherapy

Dance / free movement therapy

Art therapy


Reiki healing (II level)






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